Hrizg is crawling through the Underground swamp since 2005. It means that this personification of hate, repugnance, sadness and power has 10 years of existence and activism.

After of some words, infected chords and insane drums, Hrizg turned into a real band in the last of 2014. With the add of three lost souls to the discipline: Enserune (exLucifuego, Neverendinghate), Kaornekan (exBittencross, exFatal Portrait) and Varkhen (exAncienthorn, exBittencross, exFatal Portrait). With this new line up, Hrizg started a new age for the band itself.



Three albums, two eps and two demos are the signs of the imminent apocalypse that will happen tonight, on September 18th of 2015. The first Hrizg gig ever. The best and most Underground expression of the Black Metal cult. No compilations, no t-shirts, not other stuff to commemorate it. Just the dark power rising in the battlefield.

«I think there are too much bands releasing commemorative merchan, album compilations, downloads, etc., which is good. But I think Hrizg has not the same spirit than every band. Hrizg walks it’s own path, and I think to play a special show -the first one- is the best thing we can do.», stated Erun Dagoth.



Tonight, Primitive Noise shows a very impressive act of three bands. Homicidio, Nashgul and, of course, Hrizg. It will happen in Santander (Cantabria, in the top north of the old Spain).


Ego sum quod tu esse optas.
Tuae animae obscuritas. Dei verber.
Praevalere post tempestatem.
Erectus superbusque, dignus aemulus.


Enserune, Varkhen (bottom) and Kaornekan

Hrizg logo by Sasha Leonard.
Rehearsal pics by Orgen.

Facebook event here.
Primitive Noise

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