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OPPOSER – Thrash/Death/Black Metal old school


Pic by Álvaro González, taken in Reinosa (September 27th of 2015)



The roots of OPPOSER began in 1992, but they closed the line-up in the next year and they began the hard hours in the rehearsal place. This same year, they recorded a demo-rehearsal in an eight tracks and they started to spread their music in the local scene with the now classic tape-trading.

After some shows and recordings, Cosme (bass player – CEREBRAL EFFUSION) left the band and he was replaced by Erun Dagoth (BRIARGH, HRIZG, MOONSHINE, CRYSTALMOORS…). But Héctor (Guitars/Vocals) also left the group and OPPOSER stopped activities. This happened in 1997.

In 2003, after some years working in MOONSHINE, Iván Santalla (Drums) and Jose Manuel (Guitars) restarted the old songs of OPPOSER. The idea was to record them as a tribute to their past, but in 2011 they recruited Moreno and Nando “Destroyer”, and they closed the line-up again for first time in too many years. With this formation, they returned to the hard rehearsal times and showed their effort in several brutal gigs and the album “Remember the Past”, which was released through Morbid Shrine Productions in October of 2013.

After of a lot of gigs and shows in promotion of «Remember the Past», and in process of the writing of the new album, Morenation left the band. This happened in 2015 and Jesus was recruited on guitars as replacement.

Now, the band is working in new stuff which will be darker and more aggressive than ever!


Pic by Erun Dagoth (2013)


Line Up:

Jose M. Herrera – Vocals/Guitars
Jesús – Guitars
Nando «Destroyer» – Bass/Chorus
Iván Santalla – Drums/Vocals



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Picture credits: Erun Dagoth, Álvaro González & Irra El