Information about our bands and their releases.


Opposer is one of the best Death/Thrash Metal in Spain. No doubt of that! They mix all their influences with good taste. They come from Kreator to Paradise Lost.

We have the honour to announce the release of their third album. The third one in Morbid Shrine Productions. We are proud of have seen their evilution, and we can show you some more about them.

First, they will perform some gigs in Spain in many different festivals with some of the greatest bands from here. There you can find a hughe pack of T-shirt + CD that you cannot miss.

Other thing is that hey have done a great videoclip that you can check here (subs + like NOW):


The long waited fourth album is now here! The new album of Briargh has come in an awesome three pannels digipack, co-release with the great Vertebrae. 10 songs of pure Black/Pagan Metal with Celtic touches. Dark and fast album (maybe the fastest one) with lyrics immersed in the History and mythology of Cantabria. For fans of the epic stuff of Satyricon, Graveland or Mithotyn.

Get your physical copy here:

Or get your digital copy here:

Lucifuego has released «Malditos Humanos», their new MCD, through Morbid Shrine Productions den. Now you can get your copy by clicking here only for 5€ + postal costs. In the same link, you can also hear the whole work for free (it is uploaded to YouTube).

Expect another work of old school Black Metal in the vein of the early stuff of Celtic Frost or Impaled Nazarene. A must!!!


Now, you can check our digital release of «Blood of the Dying» that contains two bonus tracks for only 6€! Check this link and hear it in streaming first, if you want.

Also, you can hear it in YouTube (link below). Enjoy!

Eldereon was active since 2001 to 2012, and this was the only full album they released back in 2011, thanks to Till you Fukkin Bleed Records.


Just after to promote a bit more «Remembrance», the last Moonshine demo is now uploaded for it’s promotion. After of three years with no releases in Morbid Shrine Productions, I have decided to promote a bit more the digital releases. I am not sure if I will do physical releases. Not a good time for thinking in it now, but time will say.

For now, you can check the last demo of Moonshine «… Among Centuries (Thy Will be Done)», which was released by the Polish label Till You Fukkin Bleed Records in tape format.

Ahora, si quieres saber algo más del grupo y eres de habla hispana, te invito a visitar mi blog pinchando aquí.


Now, you can get the old MOONSHINE demo by only 2€ in digital. This demo was out in 1999 and they did a mix of Black and Death Metal old school, with a lot of influence of Carnage, Dissection, Amorphis and much others.

Check the Bandcamp here.


The new album of Opposer, entitled «Darkest Path», is between us. After of some years of hard working in the rehearsal place and showing their power on stages of all Spain, they’re back with a dark, deep, raw and melodic album which influences of Sodom, Kreator, Obituary, Paradise Lost, Hypocrisy or Sepultura can be heard.

Recorded again in their own studio «Peñacastillo Sound Lab», they talked with Erun Dagoth to do the mix and mastering in his Khazad-Dûm Studios (Deprive, Moonshine, Hrizg, Briargh…). The result is a very aggressive and mid tempo mixture between Death Metal old school and Thrash Metal in the old vein.

«Yeah, the album has turned into a darker sound. This is the main reason of some stylistic changes in the art and everything in the album».  Has stated Jose, lead vocals and guitar. Iván (drums) has said «Everything has been in a natural way, we are more into ‘Death’ sounds than ‘Thrash'».

This time, the artwork was done by the talented artist Enserune (Hrizg, Neverendinghate), who have worked for Deprive or Edenkaiser, between others, showing a new horizon in Opposer‘s path into a darker and more Death Metal sound as they have talked before. A superb point from which the rest of the layout have been continued.

Other mention should be done for KBK Photography ( taking another step forward. But special mention goes for Frunfo Films and Felipe Gómez-Ullate and his brutal videoclip with the song «Straight to Hell». A total hit done with excellent taste and proffesional touch.

Then, ok. Finally, the long awaited second album of Opposer is here. A great tune that can be get in CD for 12€ (Spain) or 15€ (rest of the world) with postal costs (in registered mail) included.

Also, a digital copy is available in our bandcamp.  But «Darkest Path» will be available for iTunes, Spotify and much others very soon.


1. Straight to Hell
2. Osiris Land
3. Agony
4. Holy Lies
5. Wrecking Low
6. In the Silent Dawn
7. Bloodstock
8. Under my Skin
9. Satanas
10. Ashes to Ashes

Opposer has almost finished their second album. It’s title shall be «Darkest Path», and they have developed their sound in a darker and heavier music, close to the old school Death Metal.

«Darkest Path» is being mixing just now and it will be unleashed through Morbid Shrine Productions on CD and digital. The album cover art is still in the way and it will be revealed soon.

A new t-shirt design made by Enserune (the same artist than the cover art) have been released.

Check some of their new stuff on live:

The true Spanish Inquisitors of Hrizg will enter at Khazad-Dûm Studios very soon, to record their fourth full album which title shall be «Soterion». This new album will be out through the great cult of Moribund Records (USA).

«Soterion» will be the first recording done by Hrizg as a band. After the third work «Individualism», Kaornekan (exBittencross, exFatal Portrait), Enserune (exLucifuego, Neverendinghate) and Varkhen (exBittencross, exFatal Portrait, exForestdome, exAncienthorn) joined to the discipline.

«The new sound is that there isn’t a new sound. However, Hrizg has developed their style towards new infernal horizons. Expect a new Black Metal album in the way I think it should be.» has stated Erundagoth, the frontman of the band.

So, Hrizg will start the recording sessions of «Soterion» between this and next week. More details and sounds will be upload.