SONY DSCMemento Mori has uploaded the song «A Mournful Prophecy». Song that will be out on 25th July in the second album «Temple of the Lost Wisdom».

«First preview song taken from the upcoming DEPRIVE – Temples of the Lost Wisdom CD [MEMENTO-LIV] due out on July 25th.
Formed in 2013, Deprive is the brainchild of a hyperactive veteran of the Spanish scene that goes under the nickname of Erun Dagoth, current/past member of a large number of bands and projects such as Briargh, Hrizg, Stormstone, CrystalMoors, Eldereon and Omendark, just to name a few, and «Temples of the Lost Wisdom» is the act’s sophomore full-length album. Drawing his influences from the early offerings of bands such as Paradise Lost, Hypocrisy, Morbid Angel, Abhorrence/Amorphis, Incantation, My Dying Bride and Bolt Thrower, Erun Dagoth manages to display a vast array of resources that makes his music gloomy yet luminous, crushing yet emotional, capturing the very essence of the old-flavoured, early and mid 90’s Death Metal that used to toy with slower, doom-ish tempos to enhance the atmosphere.» 

This song will have it’s own official videoclip too, which filmation shall start in this week. More details and news soon. Now, enjoy «A Mournful Prophecy».

Deprive Facebook.

Despite of we are not uploading the new arrivals in the shop every week, it doesn’t mean that we don’t have new stuff. We have tons of new items but not much time for it’s update, so be patient.

However, we’re not doing trades at the moment, but we will restart those activities soon.

Here are the new updates:

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Fimbultyr «Gryende Tidevarv» CD (Black Metal) – 8€

Dødsfall «Kronet i Svart Eld» MCD (Black Metal) – 6€

Nattsmyg «Född att Härska» CD (Black/Folk Metal) – 8€

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The true Spanish Inquisitors of Hrizg will enter at Khazad-Dûm Studios very soon, to record their fourth full album which title shall be «Soterion». This new album will be out through the great cult of Moribund Records (USA).

«Soterion» will be the first recording done by Hrizg as a band. After the third work «Individualism», Kaornekan (exBittencross, exFatal Portrait), Enserune (exLucifuego, Neverendinghate) and Varkhen (exBittencross, exFatal Portrait, exForestdome, exAncienthorn) joined to the discipline.

«The new sound is that there isn’t a new sound. However, Hrizg has developed their style towards new infernal horizons. Expect a new Black Metal album in the way I think it should be.» has stated Erundagoth, the frontman of the band.

So, Hrizg will start the recording sessions of «Soterion» between this and next week. More details and sounds will be upload.

foul_entity_logosello copia

Today, we will unleash officially Foul Entity «Putrid Despair» pro tape! This stuff includes three rehearsal songs + three new demo ones of total putrid Death Metal in the old school way, released in brown rotten tapes! 4€ + postal costs. Don’t miss your copy, they’re limited to a first press of 50 units with DIY taste. Return to the obscene crawling Underground!

Foul Entity is a band from Greece which plays an awesome Death Metal in the vein of the old masters, like early Pestilence, Incantation, Nihilist, Unleashed and much others + an Entombed cover. Enter into their doom…

Digital copy:

foul_entity_logosello copia

We will release the demo tape of Foul Entity very soon, a Greek Death Metal band that comes with a powerful stuff full of reeking darkness and necro-atmosphere.


MS: Hello, how is everythig there? Tell us… what is Foul Entity?
FE: Hey! Fine we just came back from our live in Patra,which was our first show since 6 months. Foul Entity is a Death Metal band from Athens,Greece in the vein of Asphyx,Entombed,Incantation and more and was formed in late 2014. We played our first live show in January 2015.

12138577_1624379891161914_1256873666808219461_oMS: Your first release  “Putid Despair” is imminent. What will find the public in this album?
FE: Putrid Despair is our first release which is a 3 track demo album recorded live,but on the Morbid Shrine release you will also find 3 new bonus tracks,which are different than our first tracks.

MS: “Putrid Despair” sound like a brutal lamentation, however which are your lyric themes? How was the creation process of this demo?
FE: All songs and lyrics are written by our vocalist Kostas, who actually formed the band. The lyrics are just about brutality,darkness,despair…evil stuff mostly, at first it was just random lyrics.

MS: Why did you choose a “rehearsal demo” as first released format?
FE: When the line-up of the band was ready for a live performance we decided that we wanted to record some songs fast, so we just entered the rehearsal room at Made in Hell studio and recorded live. We think it sounds great if you consider it is a live recording and that it was just the 3rd or 4th rehearsal we ever made.

MS: And of course, why did you sign for Morbid Shrine? Was your vision of underground scene the reason?
FE: We were looking for a label to release it. I already knew about Morbid Shrine so we contacted the label.12141161_1624380554495181_1048811005622124358_o

MS: Is the actual situation of Greece making any difference in the way you are focusing your music?
FE: I wouldn’t say you can notice it directly through are music, but i think the situation helps us to write some pissed off death metal.

MS: The artwork looks killer! Who was the author?
FE:  Our vocalist Kostas made both the logo and the artwork.

MS: Which are the future plans of Foul Entity? 
FE: Soon our demo »Putrid Despair» will be released through Morbid Shrine. After that we plan to release ome split albums, one is already on the way with a brutal band and soon we will have more details about it.

MS: Thank you for your time. Any last words for the readers?
FE: Make sure to check us out, more to come from us soon. Thanks for the interview! Cheers!

Questions: V.
Answers: Matt Mann

Official Foul Entity Facebook

Ghazghkull has uploaded to their official Facebook the next song:

Thanks to Primitive Noise, Hrizg will perform again in Santander on April 30th! This time the band will unleash their impious Black Metal with the grinders of Ras.

Here is more info:

HRIZG (Black Metal-Santander)
RAS (Grindcore-Tolosa,Guipuzcoa)
Sabado 30 de Abril -21:00 Horas-4 Euros
Rock Beer The New(Peñas Redondas 15,Santander)

The facebook event here.



We are pleased to announce our new signing. This time is the great Spanish act Profundis Tenebrarum. Created by Nocturn back in 1997, they will release their fourth opus through Morbid Shrine Productions in CD format. The title of this new album shall be «Disciples of Venomous Death», and this is the track list:

I. Stench of Dead Dimensions
II. Into the Abyss
III. Exsanguination Smell
IV. Serpent Cult Abomination
V. The Scourge of the Scythe
VI. Beyond This Tormenting Life
VII. Dark Ceremonial Oath
VIII. Disciples of Venomous Death


The release date will be around august. More news, songs and live dates will be uploaded soon.

En los últimos años, Cantabria ha ido mirando, como en otras comunidades del norte peninsular, hacia su antiguo pasado prerrománico, medieval y mitológico, con muchas referencias culturales de todo tipo. La música ha sido una de ellas, influenciando dicho pasado a diversos estilos; ya sean tradicionales, como el propio folk escuchado en los pueblos y su mezcla con música propiamente celta o medieval; o bien penetrando en otros más contemporáneos como rock e incluso el metal.

En este caso tenemos entre manos el proyecto personal de Erun, llamado Briargh que se sumerge profundamente en las raíces de Cantabria, tanto en su historia antigua como en el impacto personal que transmite su naturaleza y clima. Todo a través de la música y concretamente a través del metal extremo en varias vertientes.

Tras salir de un grupo volcado en el Pagan Metal cántabro como CrystalMoors, y con más historias musicales entre sus zarpas, Erun decidió centrarse en otro proyecto que ya había puesto en marcha relacionado con la mitología cántabra de una forma mucho más personal y oscura, junto con otros conceptos musicales que ya iba desarrollando en sus otros grupos, dando lugar a la modelación de Briargh y a la salida de su último disco llamado Eboros.

El resultado es un trabajo de pagan metal de raíces celtas, combinado con muchas partes de black metal, llevándonos por un viaje melancólico y nostálgico por Cantabria, sobre todo a partir de medios tiempos de guitarras melódicas, voces desgarradas evocando desesperación y tristeza en tres idiomas diferentes: (castellano, inglés y protocelta), con una sonoridad cruda y pútrida cual tronco del roble carcomido por la humedad y el tiempo (qué profundo me ha quedado esto). La unión de estos aspectos nos lleva a una sensación de desolación y penumbra interior muy bien trabajada, retocada con la utilización de teclados y samplers empleados adecuadamente en diversos pasajes instrumentales y formando parte de varios temas; La aportación femenina a las voces de Enserune, profundiza en ese mal rollo melancólico que nos deja el disco. Quizá la parte menos compactada pueda ser las rítmicas de batería, por ser un tanto repetitiva en ciertos patrones, aunque la producción primitiva de la misma creo que es acertada.

En general se nota cierta madurez en todo el conjunto compositivo, como consecuencia de un desarrollo sólido del proyecto: un aspecto muy importante en este estilo, del cual creo que muchos grupos no consiguen transmitir y adolecen de falta de personalidad.

Comentario por Sewin


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