Norwegian Black Metal


Djevelkult was forged in the fiery pits of hells in the diabolical summer of 2009, by Dødsherre Xarim. The band has released the demo »Skapt av Helvetesild» in the summer of 2011. And the band first full length album ‘‘I Djevelens Tegn’’ was released on Morbid Shrine Productions in september 2014.

The lineup of the band to this day consists of Dødsherre Xarim on guitar/vocal, T.K on drums, Skabb on bass/vocal, Kleven live guitar and Beleth on live guitar.

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Actual line up:

Dødsherre Xarim – Vocal/Guitars
Skabb – Backing Vocal/Bass
Kleven – Live Guitar
Beleth – Live Guitar
T.Kolsvart – Drums


Skapt av Helvetesild (demo 2011)
I Djevelens Tegn (Album 2014)
Hamars Litani til Satan (Live album 2014)
Tønsberg 17 04 15 (Split live album 2015)

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