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We will release the demo tape of Foul Entity very soon, a Greek Death Metal band that comes with a powerful stuff full of reeking darkness and necro-atmosphere.


MS: Hello, how is everythig there? Tell us… what is Foul Entity?
FE: Hey! Fine we just came back from our live in Patra,which was our first show since 6 months. Foul Entity is a Death Metal band from Athens,Greece in the vein of Asphyx,Entombed,Incantation and more and was formed in late 2014. We played our first live show in January 2015.

12138577_1624379891161914_1256873666808219461_oMS: Your first release  “Putid Despair” is imminent. What will find the public in this album?
FE: Putrid Despair is our first release which is a 3 track demo album recorded live,but on the Morbid Shrine release you will also find 3 new bonus tracks,which are different than our first tracks.

MS: “Putrid Despair” sound like a brutal lamentation, however which are your lyric themes? How was the creation process of this demo?
FE: All songs and lyrics are written by our vocalist Kostas, who actually formed the band. The lyrics are just about brutality,darkness,despair…evil stuff mostly, at first it was just random lyrics.

MS: Why did you choose a “rehearsal demo” as first released format?
FE: When the line-up of the band was ready for a live performance we decided that we wanted to record some songs fast, so we just entered the rehearsal room at Made in Hell studio and recorded live. We think it sounds great if you consider it is a live recording and that it was just the 3rd or 4th rehearsal we ever made.

MS: And of course, why did you sign for Morbid Shrine? Was your vision of underground scene the reason?
FE: We were looking for a label to release it. I already knew about Morbid Shrine so we contacted the label.12141161_1624380554495181_1048811005622124358_o

MS: Is the actual situation of Greece making any difference in the way you are focusing your music?
FE: I wouldn’t say you can notice it directly through are music, but i think the situation helps us to write some pissed off death metal.

MS: The artwork looks killer! Who was the author?
FE:  Our vocalist Kostas made both the logo and the artwork.

MS: Which are the future plans of Foul Entity? 
FE: Soon our demo »Putrid Despair» will be released through Morbid Shrine. After that we plan to release ome split albums, one is already on the way with a brutal band and soon we will have more details about it.

MS: Thank you for your time. Any last words for the readers?
FE: Make sure to check us out, more to come from us soon. Thanks for the interview! Cheers!

Questions: V.
Answers: Matt Mann

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