We are proud to announce that «Sings of Hate», the demo compilation of the cult one-man-band Ghazghkull, will be unleashed on pro tape in next month.

Ghazghkull is Lord Arhawn in all instruments and vocals, and the style is a raw and occult Black Metal in the old way, very influenced by the early material of Nargaroth, Darkthrone or Burzum. Full of darkness and misanthropy.

The project was active from early 2000’s and only for a few years, releasing an only demo and one promo, stuff that was released also in the split CD of Oniric Records, with Mortinatum and Forestdome, under the name of «Iberian Black Metal War».

This stuff is totally sold out and lost, but we will bring it again from darkness with extra stuff never released before.

Stay tuned.

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