Hrizg 2014

Now Hrizg is a full band. It happened in the last of 2014, including Enserune (Neverendinghate, ex-Lucifuego), Varkhen (ex-Bittencross, ex-Fatal Portrait, ex-Ancienthorn) and Kaornekan (ex-Bittencross, ex-Fatal Portrait), along with Erun Dagoth (Briargh, Neverendinghate, Deprive, ex-CrystalMoors… and many others). But back in 2007, Hrizg was done by an only member: Erun (aka Hrizg). He recorded «Enemy of Weakness», a demo which was released in split tape via Final Embrace Records, with the Greek band Mortuus Caelum. It was done for only 300 copies which are very hard to find nowadays.

Here is the digital version of the demo, for only 2€.


I. Tears of Hate
II. Aequat Omnes Cinis
III. War & Intolerance
IV. Si Vis Pacem Parabellum

«The stuff was made in Autumn of 2007. In those days, I was living in other place, but I recorded drums in my homeland» Erun said. In fact, drums were recorded in the Damned Studios (owned by Txerra, ex-Eldereon), in less than one hour. «I started to play drums with no marks nor idea what to do next. All drums were recorded in less than one hour. This is the reason of some mistakes and shit. But Hrizg was made of the visceral hate, not super produced albums or whatever».  In addition, the drumkit chosen was an old and broken kit of Misanthate (ex-Hrizg, ex-Eldereon), with shitty cymbals and no tuning at all.

The rest of instruments were spawned in Khazad-Dûm Studios and the result is a fast, furious and grim Black Metal with no concessions.

Also, a videoclip was done for «Si Vis Pacem Parabellum», done by Labaru Films. Check it here:

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