The true Spanish Inquisitors of Hrizg will enter at Khazad-Dûm Studios very soon, to record their fourth full album which title shall be «Soterion». This new album will be out through the great cult of Moribund Records (USA).

«Soterion» will be the first recording done by Hrizg as a band. After the third work «Individualism», Kaornekan (exBittencross, exFatal Portrait), Enserune (exLucifuego, Neverendinghate) and Varkhen (exBittencross, exFatal Portrait, exForestdome, exAncienthorn) joined to the discipline.

«The new sound is that there isn’t a new sound. However, Hrizg has developed their style towards new infernal horizons. Expect a new Black Metal album in the way I think it should be.» has stated Erundagoth, the frontman of the band.

So, Hrizg will start the recording sessions of «Soterion» between this and next week. More details and sounds will be upload.

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