Here we announce the new compilation of Morbid Shrine Productions. This one is the second part of a sampler we sent with each order some time ago. This time, you can download it from our Bandcamp, and it is totally free. It contains one song of each of our releases we hope you fucking enjoy. Embrace the darkest Underground!

cover-sampler2Track list:

  1. GLOOM – Erik Zann
  2. MOONSHINE – Remembrance (The Awakener)
  3. SUFFERING – Ofiara
  4. CARNAL DREAD – Antihuman Toxin
  5. LUCIFUEGO – Más Almas para Satanás
  6. PESTICUM – Odium II
  7. HRIZG – Aequat Omnes Cinis
  8. OPPOSER – Again
  9. SELAPHIEL – Sangre en la Cruz
  10. EALD – Frivolous
  11. EDENKAISER – Inner Kingdom
  12. STORMSTONE – The Glorious Storm
  13. CHAINS OV BELETH – The Coryphaeus
  14. BRIARGH – A Dark Waterfall over the Mountains
  15. HRIZG – I Hate
  16. DJEVELKULT – Blendet Av Guds Lys
  17. NEVERENDINGHATE – Silenciando la Memoria
  18. THE HELL – The Human Harvest Fields

Bandcamp link:

Download it for free!!


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