Selaphiel is a Black/Death Metal band hailing from Cantabria, in the north side of Spain. Jesus, the mind and soul of the project, has announced recently that they’re back to their personal studio to start the production and recording sessions of their second attack.

Helped again by David, his mate in Gathering Darkness, all he can say is that «all the previous brutality is again with us, but we have added new influences, new thematics and new vocal lines». It seems that an evolution is happening in the Selaphiel’s duo. «It is a big challenge for us, because we have chosen Spanish as main language, and we have put a lot of intention on it, speaking the words carefully to be understood by the listeners», he added.

When I asked him for the recording sessions, Jesus said «It was very similar to the first demo. We worked some details a bit more and it is less improvised. We walk towards a more strict way of work, but we don’t forget the premise in which we created the band. Everything is done with old fashioned recording material. We have even recorded a lot of stuff with an old eight tracks studio». A total declaration, of couse.


New good shit is happening…

About how was the process of production, he proudly said «it was great. Very fluent and quite easy to be honest. It was also hard, but we got what we looked for so…».

Selaphiel is a great blast of unholy Black/Death Metal with a lot of old school blood. It’s just for followers of the old sound. No modern shit here, and the demo tape format is very important for the band as Jesus said «We want to define our sound so we will continue recording demo tapes till it happens. In the past, it was very common in the bands to record some demos before to proceed with an album and we will continue this way».

So, this are the words of Jesus of Selaphiel, who is very excited with the continuation of «Death Metal on the Cross», their successful first demo tape, that their are finishing just now. More news about it soon.


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