This is the cover art of the re-release of “Skapt av Helvetesild”, the demo of the true Norwegian act DJEVELKULT. The cover was done by Erun Dagoth, and the CD will include a cover song of Bathory and some extra live tracks. The stuff is being remastered at Khazad-Dûm Studios. More news and clips very soon. Stay fucking tuned!

“Skapt av Helvetesild” is planed to be out in one month worl wide!

The Morbid Shrine will re-release the sold out demo «Skapt av Helvetesild» by Djevelkult very soon. The Underground hidden masterpiece of this Norwegian cult band shall come remastered and with some bonus tracks. A new cover art is in the way too, so expect a «new old» opus of true Occult Black Metal released in CD format.

Stay fucking tuned!


Djevelkult’s «I Djevelens Tegn» is available for digital order in our official Bandcamp. But, of course, you should get the physical copy of this masterpiece of Norwegian Black Metal writting here.

Djevelkult is actually working in their next attack which we’re sure that will be another cult album of old school Black Metal mixed with the material of the mid 90’s of their country.

Stay tuned!