I sometimes don’t think people realise how hard it is to enjoy albums when you have to go through so many of them in a short space of time. You hear so many that sound so similar and it is hard to be positive about these albums. Not because they’re bad, they are most certainly not. But death metal for example is pretty hard to decipher when the band’s essentially play the same style without no change at all.

I was starting to think this of the new album WELCOME TO… from THE HELL. A vicious death metal band that hails from the far reaches of Serbia. Their album does something that not a lot of bands do these days, the second half of WELCOME TO… is far superior. Most bands bunch their best songs at the start of the album and hope people don’t notice the crap at the end. However when I hit the track THE HUMAN HARVEST FIELDS, the band took a completely unexpected turn from decent but ordinary metal and churned out some excellent five tracks that totally made the album for me.

The thing people have to remember is that even if the songs aren’t bad, they can be a little generic and I would say that about the first half of the album. WELCOME TO… was most definitely saved by the later songs which feature some seriously catchy, very fun death metal numbers. They range from some MORBID ANGEL to VADER in their brutal but infectious approach. GENOCIDAL WRATH and PHILOSOPHY OF VENGEANCE are easily the best songs on the album. I also really enjoyed the closing number, AMEN! which reminded me a lot of the modern input from EXODUS.

I know the start of this review sounds awfully negative but this is an album I enjoyed and I would recommend it. THE HELL clearly have the chops to play this kind of music. There is some really nice guitar playing, impressive bass licks and a particularly brutal drummer. So even though the first half of the album is unremarkable to a point, it does become a lot more likeable after multiple listens and it is worth it just for the second half of the record.

Original: http://demonszone.com/albums/the-hell/welcome-to/

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